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Cooling Towers - Chlorine Dioxide
Cooling Towers – Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) , both as a biocide and a oxidant, is effective in the control of Legionella bacteria, algae, planktonic and sessile bacteria and biofilm growths in cooling towers, closed loops and cooling water systems. By using this highly effective biocide can help maintain legislative compliance and system safety; and the efficiency of heat exchanger surfaces, reservoir intakes and ancillary equipment.

Treatment of cooling systems has two basic objectives: to protect and extend the life of the cooling system and to insure good heat transfer and removal. All cooling water treatment programmes, if they are to be completely effective must consider the following three components:                                                                                            

    (1) Microbiological control.
    (2) Scale and deposit control.                                             
    (3) Corrosion control.

Treatment program used for each component must be selected based upon its performance and its compatibility with the other treatment components. Microbiological control is arguably the most important portion of a cooling tower treatment program. Failure of the microbiological control program causes microbiological fouling, corrosion of metal, and rot of tower wood.

Unlike traditional oxidising agents, such as chlorine and bromine suffer from pH constraint and corrosion problem which reduces their effectiveness. Chlorine dioxide is significantly more stable across a wider range of pH conditions (4-10) than other oxidising biocides; and it is non-reactive with ammonia-nitrogen and with most treatment chemicals (corrosion and scale inhibitors). This makes chlorine dioxide an excellent choice for cooling water that has a high pH, or that has high levels of organic or ammoniacal contamination.

Lvyuan chlorine dioxide products help to control microbiological growths in cooling towers, closed loops and cooling water systems. The products offer a number of operational and cost saving benefits including:

      Eliminates growth of algae which clogs intakes and pumping systems
    •  Highly effective control and removing Legionella bacteria and stubborn biofilm
      Excellent biological control
      Minimal salt build up; reducing potential corrosion problems
    •  Increases power output of the generation facility
      Reduces maintenance and equipment costs
    •  Savings on water and wastewater costs from reduced water consumption

The usage of chlorine dioxide comes with several advantages:

    It is a very powerful disinfectant and biocide;
    It prevents and removes biofilm;
    Unlike chlorine, Chlorine dioxide is effective at pH between 4 and 10. No dumping and filling with fresh water 
    The corrosive effects of chlorine dioxide are minimal compared to the corrosive effects of plain tap water;
    The bactericidal efficiency is relatively unaffected by pH values between 4 and 10. Acidisation, therefore is not
    Chlorine dioxide can be used as a spray. All parts therefore, can easily be reached;
    And last but not least: less environmental impact.

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